Psycho Tech

Psychology Research 

Why Psycho Tech?

No matter how much you know - you will always miss out on some links, some dots, and some patterns. Pursuit is endless and search is a coincidence but research is a work of genius - because here you find new in old, special in regular, and wonder in obvious. 

Research  Divisions

Psychology Research - Psychology research is all about the discovery of new, unique, and surprising facts of the human mind, emotions, and behaviors. 

Technology Research - Technology research is committed to bringing out features and functions of exiting technology to help solve day-to-day life problems. It is also about discovering and presenting the new inventions done in technology around the globe.

Research Philosophy 

  • Finding info is not research 

  • Pitching the data is no research 

  • No aha moments; it is no research 

  • Not just makes sense; makes wonders 

  • Not what and how but why and what if

  • Not amount of info; but the size of the discovery 

Join the Team 

  • If the finding is what you love 

  • If you leave people thinking

  • Persuade people to take action

  • If you tap untapped areas of the mind

 Work Benefits 

  • R&D training

  • Research portfolio 

  • Presentation stage

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Space in innovation Room