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I loved the session. It was so informative and engaging also. I'm not a counselor or a psychologist yet but still I didn't get bore even for a second. I'm eagerly waiting for the next session.

Pratibha Kashyap, New Delhi

It was a wonderful experience . learned a lot of real time mistakes usually Counsellors make. On point Webinar . worth joining it and the Presenter presented was also excellent . Above All very informative and good experience.

Ashi Goyal, Lucknow

Thank u for the hard work,your time,your way of teaching, supporting us to shape our passion and skills, for giving us knowledge regarding some important topics of psychology so minutely. I am fortunate to be a part of this important and useful session..

Sarmistha Mohanty, Bhubaneswar

Wonderful session as always ☺️ n i want to join ur next one as well 😍 thank uh so much for conducting this session n giving us this wonderful opportunity I really like it

Arshi Parveen, New Delhi

The session was really very informative....n point to be noted is that it was free so that everyone can have access to it....thank u for sharing such a wonderful will be very useful for all who attained...👍😊

Azraa Sharif, Karnataka 

It was a great session, very informative and insightful. I would love to attend many more sessions and also work with the team if possible.

Manasa Venkatraman, Hyderabad

Such a wonderful session and topic has been selected according to the need of this current situation.Expect more such topics which are very essential for the qualitative counseling for psychology field professionals. So please consider on this regards.Thank you!

Noora Sasniya , Lecturer,IWA Campus

Sri Lanka

This webinar was really useful. I could related most of the circumstances that happened in my life. The way of presentation and conveying of the message was wonderful and your team has kept everyone one of use interactive throughout the session. A big round of applaud to the whole team who initiated this webinar.

Sakthiswaari R M D, Chennai

Very nice and informative wonderful knowledge based session and very helpful for me to counsel and understand the people who are my clients and also to the people around me. Looking forward to such a great webinar in the near future also.

Adv Meena Sharma , Mumbai

This was the second session I had with emo matrix and another fruitful one. More than being theoretical it is more of having the minute understanding of the concern. Thank you for having such interactive sessions.

Mohini Talwar, New Delhi

The webinar was very well detailed and well organised. Not only did it give us insights about our own mind but also helped us understand others better. I learned a lot and would love to have more of such webinars.

Diti Tiwari, Faridabad

I am really glad that i attended today's webinar. During this lockdown period I attended lots of webinar but this webinar... I will just say lucky that I got the link and now becoming the member of Emo matrix

Laxmi, Noida