Life Coaching

Life coaching 1.png

Level 1 - Topics

Power of coaching

7 Client coaching skills

5 step coaching process

Reading clients' mindset

Ethics in coaching practice

Coach - client relationship

Top 4 coaching challenges

Level 2 - Topics

Being a life coach

Being a career coach

Being a wellness Coach

Being a parenting coach

Being an executive coach

Being a relationship coach

Being a performance coach

Level 3 - Topics

Positive psychology
Life coaching Practice 

Career coaching practice 

Wellness coaching practice

Parent coaching practice 

Executive coaching practice

relationship coaching practice 

Performance coaching Practice

Counseling Psychology 

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Level 1 - Topics

What is counseling
Types of counseling
Types of therapy in use
3 Counseling approaches
Counseling Vs. Therapies
Personality of a counselor
5 step counselling process
12 modern counselling skills
Counseling ethical principles

Level 2 - Topics

Anger counseling
Addiction counseling
Workplace Counseling
Depression Counseling
Behavioural counselling
Relationship counselling
Guilt and regret Counseling
Stress & anxiety Counseling
Focus and memory counseling

Level 3 - Topics

Persuasion Practice
Observation Practice
Examination Practice 
Single session practice
5 Step session practice
Communication Practice
Difficult situation practice 
Pitch and Question practice 
Counseling Situations practice

Clinical Psychology 

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Level 1 - Topics

Ethical issues
MSE of adult
MSE of Child
Rapport building
Case history of adult
Case history of a child
MSE of uncooperative patient

Level 2 - Topics

5 Adult Disorders 
Personality disorder
5 Childhood Disorders
Somatoform disorders 
Mood Disorders learning
Substance & addiction

Level 3 - Topics

Psycho education
Pharma cotherapy
Anger management
Sleep and management
Management of Autism
Management of OCD & GAD
Management of mood disorder
Management of substance abuse
Mental retardation management

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